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Customer testimonials are an important part to any business so we have prepared this page for you so that you can see the testimonials our current and previous customers have written about the heating and air conditioning services provided by us here at Shawn Lambert Heating & Air Conditioning. If you are a current or previous customer of ours and haven’t yet wrote a testimonial about the services which we provided your or your business we encourage you to do so.

My AC broke down a week ago. I searched online to find someone for the service. I read a lot of reviews on yelp (this is the only way I know who I should make a call). Lots of good and bad comments. Most people charge $80 just to come and diagnose the problem. And we would be told different causes of the same problem from different people that would cost hundreds of dollars to replace. That really made me nervous.

I googled to find an AC Service in my Huntington Beach area. Shawn Lambert name popped up on yelp with 5 stars rating from yelp. I said “yeah right” and didn’t believe much, but called to give it a try. Shawn didn’t charge to come (that was a good start). He came the next day, even earlier than scheduled, identified the problem in less than 5 minutes, fixed it and left in a total of less than 20 minutes for a charge less than $90. My AC is back on! Shawn is very open, friendly and honest. He runs his own business, so he does care a lot. He is the guy. Strongly recommend him. You can take it to the bank! So happy to make that call.

Andy N.
Hungtington Beach, California

Shawn was absolutely great in helping me resolve my heating issue. To start, he returned my call in a matter of minutes, and listened intently as I described my problem. He agreed to come out the next day, even though it wasn’t regular business hours. He was very punctual, and once he arrived, he was able to troubleshoot and correct the issue in very little time. He then offered us a very fair price, and even called twice to follow up, and ensure the problem had not returned. After dealing with many other “professionals” that left me disappointed, I’m glad to say that Shawn lives up to the title in every sense of the word.

John S.
Huntington Beach, California

Great service. There was no display on the thermostat and I had already tried several troubleshooting activities. Shawn quickly identified the problem and fixed it in 15 mins. No BS, just results.

Scott R.
Huntington Beach, California

Shawn did a great job for me today. I don’t have much time in general to schedule workmen to come for a estimate and then come back to do the work. My air-conditioning unit stopped working. I was recommended another company who could not come out for two or three days and then said if any major work needed to be done they were backlogged two additional weeks.

My air-conditioning units are about 15 years old and I just figured that it was time to replace both of them. I called Shawn because he’s a local guy and had good reviews. He fit me in his busy schedule the day I called. He then diagnosed the problem was a small hundred dollar part that he fixed on the spot. In and out in about a half an hour and my AC is fixed. Nice and quick especially when I was planning on waiting weeks and paying $6-7,000. When it is time to do some big work I will definitely be calling Shawn. You should too.

Tony R.
Huntington Beach, California

Found Shawn through Craigslist. He got back to me right away and fixed my furnace and A/C. Shawn showed up on time, quickly identified the problem, fixed in less than an hour, gave me a very fair price and was extremely professional. The job was completed so good I have already passed his information on to three of my good friends.

Tim K.
Huntington Beach, California

Very ethical and professional. He helped us out of a pinch with a gas leak we noticed the day after we brought our newborn home from the hospital. Highly recommended.

Elizabeth O.
Long Beach, California

About a week ago I my air conditioner began leaking in my garage, and I’m the type of guy that can barely fix a leak in a cup. Anyways…did some looking online, trying to avoid going to a large company/corporation for the fix job. I stumbled across Shawn, and the strong reviews he already had. I shot a text over to him, and he was at my house in less than 2 hours.

Shawn is as friendly and real as a serviceman can get. He came in, quickly diagnosed my problem, gave me a beyond fair price and went to work. In about an hour, he had my a/c fixed, provided me some follow up instructions and was on his way.

I’ve now got an AC guy for life, and will be recommending him to anybody I know that runs into problems in their home. Be very confident that if you chose to go with Shawn, you’ll get a good guy, who does good solid work. Thanks again man.

Ryan S.
Yorba Linda, California

After becoming frustrated with a few HVAC “professionals” trying to sell me a $2,500 solution to a $250 problem, I came across Shawn. He is an honest to goodness HVAC professional in ever sense of the word.

We initially chatted by telephone and it was easy for me to see that he took his business seriously. During this call we spoke at length about the issues I was having (the “other guys” just want to book an appointment and be done with you) — and based on the questions he was asking me — I could tell he was closely listening to my concerns. I normally use calls like this to gauge potential service providers — and to see if they’re both honest and knowledgeable.

Needless to say, I was impressed with Shawn — and he agreed to come out just a few days later. Unlike the “other guys” he didn’t give me a song and dance about how busy it was due to the hot weather (or try and up-sell me to an high dollar “emergency appointment”) — he simply told me when his first opening was and put me in his schedule.

Shawn showed up on time, did a walk-thru of my home with me, and went right to work. He was thorough and honest with me. It was obvious that his approach to business is to directly address the problem at hand without any games or gimmicks. Or to put it in his own words, “I’m not a sales guy. I’m a problem solver.”

All to often, people in the HVAC business seemingly come to the conclusion that you need a brand new system — one that will cost many thousands of dollars. While sometimes a new system is the answer — more often than not the problem can be addressed with a repair or adjustment.

After spending a good amount of time in my attic (and other parts of the house) he came back with an action plan that made sense and was fairly priced. I also greatly respect the fact that when asked to address one rather unusual issue — he plainly stated that the issue was uncommon and outside of his focus area. This is very telling of his character — and was the right thing for him to do.

Needless to say, I was very happy with Shawn, both professionally and personally.

M P.
Aliso Viejo, California

We had some warranty work that needed to be done on a mini split unit at Pizza Lounge in Huntington Beach. When Shawn showed up he assured me that he would take care of everything and stick with the job until it was finished. He was good to his word. The work lasted on and off for three weeks and Shawn kept me informed the entire time. After reading all of the previous 5 Star reviews it seems a little hard to believe that someone is that service oriented but Shawn definitely is. I wouldn’t hesitate to use or recommend him in the future!

Tim S.
Newport Beach, California

Shawn returned my call within an hour and was able to come out that day to fix my furnace, which had stopped working. He communicated very well and showed up on time. He diagnoses the problem quickly and fixed it within minutes. I also had him check out our ducts and a/c unit, which a previous tech had said was old and should be replaced. Shawn said it was actually probably only about 7 years old and was a quality unit. No upselling! Fair pricing. Really refreshing after my terrible experiences with Cole. Don’t call Cole; call Shawn! I will be using him from now on for any HVAC issues.

Erin W.
Santa Ana, California

Thanks so much for taking the time to read thru some of the amazing testimonials left by our customers. We value each and every customer and aim to provide them the highest quality and timely heating and air conditioning services out there. If you would like to write your own testimonial please feel free to click one of the links below and tell us what you thought about the services we rendered to you or your business.

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