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Customer testimonials are an important part to any business so we have prepared this page for you so that you can see the testimonials our current and previous customers have written about the heating and air conditioning services provided by us here at Shawn Lambert Heating & Air Conditioning. If you are a current or previous customer of ours and haven’t yet wrote a testimonial about the services which we provided your or your business we encourage you to do so.

I had Shawn install a mini split last year, he beat the other quote by quite a bit. Had some issues with refrigerant leaking and Shawn came back out and promptly fixed. If you want a fair price and not get a “What can I get away with quote” and support after the install you can stop your search now..Call Shawn

Jon P.
Newport Beach, California

Last Thursday night, aside from the heavy rains, our heater decided to blow out when I went to turn it on. Trying to get warm, quickly turned into a huge explosion. The closet door to the furnace blew open, and the furnace door landed in the hallway. The smoke alarms started going on and I found my self in the front yard calling 911 for the fire department. The firemen said our heater was very old, and would not recommend using it. They said I had to have someone come out and take a look at it before I could turn it on again. Still being in shock I did not feel like dealing with it. Thursday nights was a very cold night.

When my boyfriend came home Friday night we found Shawn on Yelp. We called him around 6:00 at night and left him a message, within 10 minutes he called us back and set an appointment to come out first thing Saturday morning.

He arrived early and was very professional and honest. As soon as he looked at it, he knew what was wrong. He explained to us that the heater box had cracked and he recommended we call, and have the gas company come out and confirm. My boyfriend knew the furnace was over due for replacement seeing it was the original one from 1960. He asked Shawn when he could replace it. Shawn made some calls and said he could get everything we needed and have us up and running by the end of the day. His prices are very reasonable and he did an excellent job. We definitely recommend him for all your HVAC needs. We will also be using him to put in our central air system, in a few months. Five star all the way!!!

He even gave us a full tutorial for our new Nest thermostat we decided to get. I think I will stick to calling Shawn for help instead of the fire department if I ever need help again.

Alicia M.
Huntington Beach, California

If you see my other reviews, you will see I rarely, or never write 5 star reviews. Shawn is a very honest and hardworking man. I own rentals, and when you have complaining tenants, you want someone who can take care of the job, for a fair price, and also do it asap. Shawn has shown me over and over again that he has all of the above qualities. Its hard to find an honest people in this type of business. So, feel privileged that you have found Shawn!

Added perk, my tenants always say how nice he is!

Rita S.
San Diego, California

First, Outstanding service!!!  This isn’t some big company with “a service tech” that will be coming out. This is a family business and Shawn is a professional HVAC man and this is a family business! Shawn is honest and isn’t looking to try and sell you something you don’t need. I will never have to look for another company because Shawn is my “go to guy!”

Terry F.
Huntington Beach, California

Shawn has come out to our place twice now. Once for the air conditioning and once for the heater a few days ago. We really appreciate his work, professionalism and is fair. He did a great job for us and we are very happy with the result so far. He works around your schedule and is very flexible. Do not hesitate in contacting him for his services.

Maryam S.
Lake Forest, California

Great service! My AC went out over the weekend, and I had to leave on a business trip the very next day (of course!!!). Luckily I found Shawn on Yelp. He called me back within minutes and was able to pinpoint the issue over the phone based on my description of the symptoms. It turned out that it wasn’t a huge issue (I thought it was the fan motor but in fact it was a bad capacitor), and he came to fix it the following day. Shawn is polite and very easy to do business with. I paid the invoice in less than a minute through PayPal and emailed myself a copy of the receipt. Thank you, Shawn!

Nate M.
Aliso Viejo, California

Couldn’t ask for better service. Had my old heater go out and Shawn was very diligent in diagnosing the problem. He calls back within minutes, works around your schedule and very honest. No upselling.

Curt S.
Huntington Beach, California

AC issues in a heat wave. So yesterday around 2:30 pm, I started calling down the list of open service repair providers on yelp. Every single other call, text or appointment by company’s website I made has yet to receive a response still. Shawn was different. He texted me back in under 15 minutes to let me know he got my service request but was on a job site and would contact me shortly to see how he could help. Fast, FAST response!!! Especially compared to every one of his so called competitors. Shawn was helpful, friendly, honest and went above and beyond reasonably priced. He made me feel like my service needs meant as much to him, as they did to me. He’s secured my everlasting trust and gratitude. If you need any of the kinds of services Shawn provides, do yourself a favor, save some time and aggravation and just start right by making Shawn your first call.

Jennifer M.
Laguna Hills, California

Honest, friendly, and knowledgeable. Shawn came by my house to diagnose my HVAC system (the A/C has been slow in cooling down the house with the recent heat wave). After thoroughly checking my entire HVAC system, he told me that my system was functioning properly and in good shape for being over 30 years old. He explained that the system would eventually need to be replaced when it breaks down in the future since it is so old, but recommended that I use it for as long as I can and save the money since it still has some life left in it. I asked a lot of questions and Shawn kindly answered all of them. He also did not charge me anything since he offers diagnoses for free, but I offered to pay him anyway for the house call and he politely declined. I will definitely call Shawn again when I need a new system. Thanks again for the service, Shawn!

Henry T.
Westminster, California

My A/C stopped working during one of the heat waves. I emailed Shawn on a Sunday night and got a response back in about 15 minutes. I set the appointment over email and he came out and fixed the quickly. Extremely happy with the service and would definitely recommend.

Jason W.
Westminster, California

Thanks so much for taking the time to read thru some of the amazing testimonials left by our customers. We value each and every customer and aim to provide them the highest quality and timely heating and air conditioning services out there. If you would like to write your own testimonial please feel free to click one of the links below and tell us what you thought about the services we rendered to you or your business.

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